The mountains are calling and I must go!

• March 20th, 2017 •

Welcome Spring…a season of renewal and fresh beginnings…and so it shall be for us. Since it coincides with spring break, this will be our third move at the same time of year. By April 1 we should be nicely settled into a new home once again. We look forward to what the future will reveal as this next chapter unfolds.

I was once told I was a mountain woman in a past life. Based on the exhilaration I experience when exploring the mountains, I would say that to probably be true. I feel so enlightened and energized when I stand in awe of the magnificence of the mountains whether hiking a trail, kayaking a lake or enjoying the view. I will now get to be inspired every day by the spectacular view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains just outside our cabin door! I shall never tire of that.

The big question for both of us is “What’s next?” of which we know not but we are ready for what it will be…a slower pace of life that is less expensive and more peaceful. It was our whole motivation for moving as we pondered where we could joyfully live with less space and less money in two years. We considered Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and South Dakota but when it came down to it, we wanted to stay in Colorado albeit many beautiful places would be out of our budget. An article came across our path that introduced us to Westcliffe as a dark sky designation. We had never heard of it but our interest was piqued.

We were indifferent after our first visit on October 29, 2016. Not much of a town, not quite sure if we could see ourselves living there. Two months later during winter break, on a whim, we went to Westcliffe and stayed over on December 29 so we could look at some properties on Friday. We looked at four but it was the small cabin in Cuerno Verde Pines that struck us the most—it was a modern cabin with almost everything we were looking for—not quite, but close enough and the view was absolutely breathtaking.


We stopped in Salida for lunch and on the way home, talked ourselves out of it, all the reasons it wouldn’t work. On Saturday we changed the frequency to all the reasons it would work and how nice it could be living simply. Happy New Year, let’s make the move now! We met with our realtor, Sandi Storck, and John Creighton at High Plains Bank and without hesitation we said yes to make an offer on January 7, 2017. We spruced up our lovely home in Longmont and put it on the market on January 17; one week later we had six offers with one $30,000 over asking in cash. Alrighty then! Closed in less than two weeks but able to stay put until the cabin closing at the end of March. Our two year plan turned into two months…and so it shall be.


And into the mountains I go…to lose my mind and find my soul

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