Thanks for the memories Longmont!

• March 4th, 2017 •

Wrapping up life and business in what has been our lovely home on the Front Range is a significant process to experience. Moving from California to Colorado eight years ago was a fresh challenge and definitely broadened our horizons. We’ve never looked back and know we were meant to be here, we just didn’t know for how long. It’s been an intriguing period that we have greatly enjoyed along with the peeps we consider friends and the many memories made along the way. We got to travel about to explore the western region and met many wonderful, kind-hearted spirits both here and on the road.

It has been a absolute privilege and pleasure to have been an active part of the community.We shall remember our time here fondly and will certainly be back to visit. This town has grown so much since we first arrived in 2009 and is absolutely flourishing. We just want to say to everyone we have met— “Thanks for the memories Longmont!”

We are 21 days out from making the move to Westcliffe but we have mentally left Longmont. I have wrapped up the photo biz. Most things are boxed up. (It’s amazing how little we truly need to get by). Upstair bedrooms are all empty except for the queen bed in the master. The basement is almost clear except for the ping pong table that is staying with the house and the last of my studio equipment. A storage unit in Longmont is full with all the items waiting for the barn to be built. I am done cooking creatively but fortunately we get to savor the Beet Box from Sugarbeet to have a delicious dinner three nights a week which makes it simple, very tasty and easy to clean up. Everything continues to flow and we are thankful.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis


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