Lens Woman 1981

• January 5th, 2015 •

What a hoot to come across this newspaper article from 1981 when I was a mere 23 years old and had been working as a professional photographer for five years, devoted to my Hasselblad. Now I am devoted to my Canon digital 35mm but I still “always look at things through the eye of a camera.”Star-Ledger-1981


Focus on Professional Photography

• January 3rd, 2015 •

Welcome the new year and all the good things that will be happening both personally and professionally. We celebrate six years this April since transitioning our life from Santa Barbara to Longmont; truly one of the best things we could have done. We feel fortunate that serendipity and the universe guided us to Longmont, Colorado. We love to call it home as it’s a perfect hub for many adventures to explore the mountain west region!
I am very excited to finally have a newly designed website with fresh content and images that I have taken over the past few years as I established myself in the community. It has been a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people and to photograph those who have given me the opportunity. I have grown creatively as a camera artist and this year, 2015, will mark the 40th anniversary since I began my lifelong career in professional photography. How time flies when you are living your dream and having fun! As I honor where I have been and what I have done, it’s time to focus on my future in photography and reinvigorate my passion so I can carry on with what I have always wanted to be and what I am! I look forward to many opportunities this year to capture the light of nature, the spirit of people and the beauty of life.