Mapping a Summer Road Trip

• May 4th, 2016 •

Six weeks away from embarking on a summer road trip to the Pacific Northwest. Fair enough to call it a most excellent adventure, as it will surely be quite the experience to be living on the move for seven weeks camping in our Cricket trailer in some of the most beautiful places in North America. We plan to kayak whenever we are near a lake in fair weather conditions (no w-i-n-d) and we hope that will be often. I have scanned a lot of travel books to map out the route. Our trip of a lifetime can be somewhat go with the flow but best to have a general idea of where we’re going while staying flexible. We have a lot of miles to cover, close to 5000! We have good camping karma and wherever we go, we will end up where we are meant to experience as I believe the Universe works that way.

It’s been fun mapping it out and researching the places we will see and the campgrounds we will try to stay at. We are exploring the national parks and monuments along the way—Dinosaur NM, Crater Lake NP, Olympic NP, North Cascades NP, Mt. Rainer NP, John Day Fossil Beds NM, Grand Teton NP—not to mention the many wilderness areas we will be journeying through. We’ve decided not to check out the metro areas but skirt around them to immerse ourselves in nature and wilderness.

I have no doubt we will often be in awe and this will be a most excellent adventure! We will come back but surely not the same as when we left.


Mapping Summer Road Trip

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