Living simply…and simply loving it!

• May 1st, 2017 •

I had every good intention to blog about our move to Westcliffe over a month ago but one must be connected to the internet to do so; and that was a small challenge in itself. Issue resolved with Exede satellite with an inevitable change in our online habits of using data…but that’s another post. This post is an update of how we’re living simply and small in our mountain cabin overlooking the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

On the first night, March 25th, God welcomed us with a most glorious sunset that moved us both to tears of joy that from this day forward this would be our home…a dream come true. Rural living is not for everyone but it is for us as we approach our “golden” years or final third of our lives on planet earth. Our summer road trip to the Pacific NW crystallized our desire to live a low key life surrounded by the natural beauty of the great outdoors and simply be…and that is exactly what we are doing, living simply and simply loving it!


We made the move during spring break to give us the time to unpack and nest together. We left the old furniture behind for the young buyers of Morning Dove and ordered new “mid-century” furniture from West Elm that would be delivered on Wednesday so we had three days to empty boxes and clear the living space. Even though we purged possessions before loading up a 20′ U-Haul, we still had a lot of stuff but magically everything found it’s proper place in the new space and the furniture was a perfect fit in the modern cabin.


That first week we woke up to three snowfalls but by mid-afternoon, hardly a trace of the white stuff and the thirsty ground drank it up. This area has been in a drought for some time so we won’t be complaining about snow or rain as it’s all good, water is life! Here it is May and the mountains have a solid layer of snow creating a breathtaking view. That’s going to make for some mighty fine wildflowers and happy lakes this summer. We have a pair of binoculars that give us an up-close view of the peaks which we enjoy looking at especially when the wind is howling on them, very cool entertainment.


Once we got settled, we hired a local painter to stain the cabin that had unfortunately been neglected for 15 years since it was built so it will always have a rustic charm. We had seamless gutters installed when we discovered how dangerously icy the decks became with melting snow followed by low temperatures. Since we’re building a pole barn, we took advantage of all the crushed granite on the driveway. With the aid of the gorilla wagon we moved a ton of rock to build paths around the front of the five acre property.

A large wood pile, probably been sitting there for over a decade, will make for this year’s wood supply for the indoor wood burning stove as well as the outdoor fire pit we set up. It is the driest wood we have ever seen. Who knows how many outdoor campfires we will actually burn but we very much enjoy fires inside to warm up the cabin.

We live on a dirt road with five other houses and just up the road from the cabin is Navajo Path that makes for a great daily walk, little more than a mile. I try to walk it twice a day—in the early morning and late afternoon. Very, very serene, good time to contemplate. When white puffy clouds are in the sky, I feel as if I am in a water globe with the whole sky above me slowly moving. I breathe in the mountain air…it’s so invigorating especially in stormy weather.


It was a traumatic transition for Ms. Bella and Mr. Bogey but they have settled into their new world. Bella is a brave warrior and likes exploring outside, Bogey not so much, but he seems to go feral in the middle of night running around. He may have done the same in Longmont but the house was bigger so it was no bother. Wood floors are much easier to clean up kit gak. They know where the front and back door are and they like hanging under the decks to be safe.

I’ve yet to photograph the night sky but it is amazing just looking at it! We see the Milky Way outside our bedroom window and when we wake up in the middle of the night we are in awe of the dark sky. We have an unobstructed view of the entire sky so we get to enjoy the rising and setting of the sun, the moon, the planets as well as the clouds sweetly rolling by. There is peace on earth…and we have found it in Westcliffe, Colorado.

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