The Ides of March, my past and present

• March 15th, 2017 •

As the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC was a turning point in Roman History, only ten years ago, the Ides of March 2007, was a turning point in our own history when our condo HOA ordeal began in Santa Barbara, CA. It was pure hell, which in a short time jarred us to “think outside the box” and consider other possibilities. We opened up a map of the country to ask “where don’t we want to live?” and after eliminating every corner, the only state left from our query was the beautiful state of Colorado. We did our search, bought a nice home in Longmont and moved at the end of March 2009. It has been a great eight years living here with the view of the Rocky Mountains. Our lives are far richer because of the wonderful people we have met and the experiences we had the opportunity to enjoy.

In one week we shall have another turning point that we look forward to with much anticipation of new possibilities while living our life in a small cabin with a big pole-barn. We are excited and open to what’s next, whatever that may be living in the high country at 8000 ft. Westcliffe, (population 565 in 2013), is a beautiful, rural area of the state located in the Wet Valley and was officially designated a dark sky in 2015. We are eager to enjoy living as we had camped in the Pacific NW this past summer—small, simple, serene and stargazing—which seems to be what excites us in our 60s! So it shall be and we couldn’t be happier! We look forward to being active in the area as there are miles of hiking and biking trails to explore which should keep us busy for at least the next decade.

And this has all come to pass because of the Ides of March in 2007; what a difference a decade can make!

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