Best Job Ever – National Park Scouts

• May 1st, 2015 •

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” -Henry David Thoreau

I submitted an online application to Backpacker Magazine for the Best Job Ever as National Park Scouts for a year. What an experience it would be for Matt and I even though we never imagined such an opportunity would present itself. We do believe we are well positioned to take on the task and that the Universe has prepared us for this once in a lifetime adventure since shifting to Colorado six years ago. We would be the perfect travel team. We open up the possibility to the Universe.  

Preparing the submission was an interesting learning process as they sent the email with a one week notice to submit while I was in New Jersey. I had to creatively improvise in creating a 15 second video since I was away from my desktop computer. Fortunately had video of the Great Sand Dunes on my iPhone to pull together. I had to figure out iMovie in a flash and think it came together pretty well considering it was my first video edit. I am now eager to advance my iMovie skills and take more videos to play with. Could be fun. Video link: Sand Dunes – Medium

The 100 word (550 character) submission: We are a couple ready for a Great Adventure! The Universe has prepared us for this amazing opportunity. Recently diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Camping Disorder), we are the perfect Backpacker scouts. When you select us, you will get a dynamic husband wife team who are avid hikers, happy wanderers & seasoned campers in a Cricket. Our years of experience have given us a strong spirit of adventure & equipped us with the skills you seek with an emphasis on photography, writing, public speaking & love of people. We look forward to being on the road!

Everything is for a reason and maybe the 1000 miles of hiking and walking logged last year have been training for many more miles to come…starting with the June new moon and our road trip through Wyoming to explore Wind River Range, Grand Tetons NP and Yellowstone NP for two weeks. Even if Backpacker does not select us, we will certainly be creating our own great adventures every year.

How cool and convenient that we live up the road in Longmont, less than 10 miles from Boulder where Backpacker Magazine is based. We may very well be older than many applicants but we feel we are wise, reliable and motivated. We have a vibrant spirit of adventure. Both of us have years of experience in connecting with people. We are fun, friendly, fit folk and all around good people. We will have to trust the Universe on this one and if it’s meant to be our next adventure, it shall be. We wait to see if we make it to the next round. Our hopes are high!

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