Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be…

• February 25th, 2017 •

Que sera sera. Isn’t that what Doris Day sang and my mom always said while growing up? Whatever will be, will be…It’s certainly true but there is something to be said for making things happen too! I accept what is…it’s a digital world. After 42 years I am ready to let go of what was—photography as a profession—and move onto what’s next—photography as an artist…where I don’t concern myself whether money is exchanged for my time, talent and expertise. Those days are over and the writing is clearly on the wall; everyone is a photographer in the 21st century! I understand why as photography is fun. I know it certainly has been for me and will continue to be!

Photography has been my life and will always be a part of me. I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderful career as a photographer and smart to have saved for retirement when the income was solid. I have photographed thousands of people on both coasts with energy, ease and enthusiasm. I have captured many moments in time that span over four decades. I am honored to have had the opportunity to photograph so many weddings in Santa Barbara, California in the days of medium format and film. I reflect fondly on the way it use to be with roll film, square negatives, cropping masks, paper proofs, contact sheets, assembling albums and the wonder of seeing an image appear magically on paper in the darkroom. Now I play in the digital darkroom and love it!

As I look forward to celebrating my 60th birthday this August, now is a good time to reimagine a new direction in life as well as in my photography. I have faith in what will be and that I will find my magic!

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