A Summer Like No Other

• June 5th, 2016 •

The anticipation of adventure. “One of the sweetest parts of a new journey is dreaming about the endless possibilities in front of you.” -Unknown. Less than two weeks before beginning what will surely be a summer like no other for us. Who knows what we shall discover! We leave Longmont, CO on Tuesday, June 14th with plans to be home on Friday, August 5th. I think I want to spend my August 3rd birthday kayaking on Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons but that remains to be seen. Fifty-two nights on the road enjoying the ride with our Happy Camper, pictured below! I’ll be filling the door with many new stickers from national parks. I can’t say which one I am looking most forward to experiencing as they are all so different and nspiringly beautiful! I will be burning through a lot of media cards, thank goodness they are so cheap now! This has been a dream in the making for the past year and now the time is approaching to make it a reality! WE have a plan but also an open mind to go with the flow when needed. It’s time to pack!Cricket_0004

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